Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Tale of Two Cities, Sheen's Tales of Whoa! & Woe

Married in May of 2008, Charlie Sheen and his wife Brooke Mueller have announced that they are expecting a baby. In June his new wife talked about having triplets.
Hopefully triplets! Could you imagine if I really had triplets? He'd be like, 'Whoa!'"
The earlier tales of woe surrounding the child custody issues Sheen and his second wife Denise Richards dotted the entertainment news for months. The couple shown here in happier times (2005) have two daughters. Sam J. and Lola Rose. Sam, at four and Lola three already have their own IMDb listings after appearing on their Mom's show. (photo of their parents by Chris Pizzello / AP)

Sam (Samantha) born March 9, 2004 has a Sun in Pisces, her sister Lola was born June 1, 2005. Her Sun is in Gemini and her Moon is in Aries. If Sam was born before dinner on the 9th her Moon is in Libra, otherwise it will be in the sign of Scorpio. Richards is an Aquarius (Feb 17, 1972 in Downers Grove, IL ) with an Aquarius Sun conjunct her Mercury in Aquarius. Depending on her birth time, she has either a Moon in Pisces or a Moon in Aries. We're betting Aries. Sheen's a Virgo with a Moon in Sagittarius. Here's his chart wheel and his Kiddiegram report.
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