Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Going For The Gold: Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt

We're thinking soccer team. World cup. We are going to start our own country and enter the world cup..Brad Pitt
Well on their way to starting their own little private country, Team Jolie-Pitt have broken the Fort Knox of payment for celebrity baby photos for a record 14 million. People and Hello are splitting the photography fee.
The actors said that they will put the photography fee towards their foundation to ease child poverty in the developing world
The twins arrived in May, a minute apart. Our earlier notes on the arrival of The Star Signs for the gold standard of Celebrity Kids are double water signs, the twins have Suns in Cancer and Moon's in Scorpio. They may indeed find their Dad very nurturing and their Mom mysterious. But more than that, how as parents can Jolie and Pitt (a Gemini Mom and a Sagittarius's Dad) best relate to their little water kids. These are very emotional children, and fire and air being kinda dance away lover energy will find it rewarding to be interact with these little feeling types.
How will our fire sign Brad interact with Knox and Vivienne to become the nurturing Dad they can easily see him as? And how best can a social thinking air-sign Angelina Mom give her water sign children the space that these emotional and private beings need.
Click on the Kiddiegram Interactive Parent and Child on-line Guide and check out your own sign with that of your parents and/or your kids to see if you were allowed to be in "your element" growing up!
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