Friday, August 06, 2010

Happy Birthday Maddox!

It was Maddox Jolie-Pitt's 9th birthday yesterday!

Maddox is a Leo Sun, and Mercury, the planet of the mind, the voice, and communication, sits right on top of his Sun. His mom has called him "an intellectual," and quite capable of becoming a writer, and it is no surprise, since any planet that is that close to the Sun gets absorbed into it. Since the Sun is a central part of who we are and our basic identity, planets close to the Sun feed into that identity in a strong way. Leo is all about creative self-expression, and learning to appreciate and open up to what's inside of us that wants to express itself, even if it's goofy or not perfect. Leo enjoys having this natural creativity applauded, and his parents may find that he especially beams when his intellectual accomplishments, poetry, writing, or anything 'Mercurial' that he does are praised.

Maddox has a south node in Capricorn, which can indicate a tendency toward behaviors that are more about necessity, getting things done, and self-reliance. He probably knows how to take care of himself and will make a good older brother, taking care of the needs of those younger and more vulnerable than him. Yet, he has come to embrace a Cancerian energy, with his north node in Cancer. Being adopted into a loving family is perfect for this little soul, because Cancer is a sign of family, and the nurturing and shelter that family, however it's defined, can provide. He is learning about the bonds of love, not just duty and not just depending only on himself, but on a loving clan who can support him.

It's a good thing it's a large family too! Jupiter sits right there on top of his north node, and Jupiter is all about expanding and abundance. Venus is also sandwiched between his north node and Jupiter, in Cancer, so he's learning how to Love (Venus) Big (Jupiter) and allow himself to bond and share himself with his loved ones.

He's got an Aquarius Moon not too far from Uranus, though, which emphasizes individuality and healthy emotional detachment, so he's also learning that it's ok to be himself and do what's right for himself, even if others don't understand it. He'll need support and freedom from his parents to blossom in this.

Happy 9th Birthday, Maddox!
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