Thursday, March 05, 2009

First Playhouse for the First Children

First Dad Barack Obama had an adventure playground installed at the White House so he could see his girls playing as he works in the Oval Office. Check Spelling

Set up on the south grounds of the White House, the swing set , slide and climbing frame are a White House first and " the 100% cedar and North American Redwood structure is in keeping with the President's pledge to create a greener environment." notes Sky News.

Cancer Sun Sign daughter Malia should enjoy this extra little "home" as she awaits the arrival of the First Puppy (expected to be a Portuguese Water Dog) that she and her Gemini sister Sasha should be getting after their April school holiday.

The First Family is protective of their children's privacy and although photographers were allowed to photograph the structure the kids were no where around. Although sources at the White Houses reported they 'squealed with delight" upon seeing their new little haven away from their big home.

Sasha's North Node is in the sign of Cancer conjunct her sister's Mercury in Cancer and a few degrees away from Malia's Sun in Cancer, which indicates a life-long rapport along the issues and stories of family and homeThese girls will have many private stories from their get away" haven" in DC.

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