Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Natalie Morales New Son Cute as a Cupcake.

Natalie Morales, gave birth to a second son.Luke Hudson Rhodes, on September 9th His four year old brother Josh (Joseph Stockton Rhodes)had already agreed to share his toys. His Today family gave a shower for his Mom before his arrival. His Mom loved the mini-alphabet goodies..particularly the carrot cake

Pix of the shower from OK magazine
Photo Source of Natalie and Luke

Luke was born with a Sun in Virgo. His Mom was born in Taiwan
on June 6th, 1972. These two mutable sun signs (Virgo and Gemini)
will make a nice duo. Particularly if he enjoys cupcakes. He may follow in his father's footsteps (his Dad's an investment consultant) as he has a Sun Conjunct Saturn and a Moon in Capricorn. However Jupiter is about ten degrees away from this moon (which will give it a Sagittarius touch) and his personal planets (Mars, Venus and Mercury) are in the sign of Libra he'll be charming, despite his no nonsense down to earth agenda on the planet. We don't know what time Luke was born, but since his parents reside in Hoboken, New Jersey, Mlle Kiddie best guesstimate (for entertainment purposes only) cast the celebrity chart wheel for NJ. If we ever find out Luke's exact birth time we'll do a little on-line Kiddiegram for him.
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