Monday, December 12, 2016

Sagittarius Signature Star Child: Dimitri Portwood Kutcher

 A new mom and dad for the second time around, Mila Kunis (Black Swan, That '70s Show) and Ashton Kutcher (The Ranch, That '70s Show) welcomed son Dimitri Portwood early in the morning on November 30th.

mom Mila Kunis
Dimitri is not your average Sagittarius! With not just one but four planets in the archer's sign, including the sun and moon, Dimitri will embody the fun-loving, friendly, and enthusiastic qualities that this sign is known for. He'll have a spontaneity inherent in his personality that will be visible early on, especially when this kiddo gets his legs under him and can run around.

dad Ashton Kutcher
All four Sagittarius planets are also contained within the 3rd house, which amplifies quickness, especially of mind (nimble-minded entertainer Jim Carrey also has a wealth of planets in this house). This kid's sense of humor will be out of this world and he'll be quick on the uptake so mom and dad will certainly have a comedian on their hands!

Dimitri isn't without a sense of caution, however; reserved Saturn lies in a close conjunction to his moon so he'll be instinctually tempering his emotional responses to the world at an early age as he learns how to navigate a world that isn't always kind. His Pisces south node is in close quarters with sensitive Neptune, so he'll need an ability to learn caution when necessary, as he was born with a very open, kind, and trusting heart. His sense of humor will certainly come in handy to help him bounce back from hurts!

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Image of Mila Kunis By flickr user Gage Skidmore -, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link
Image of Ashton Kutcher  By David Shankbone - David Shankbone, CC BY 2.0, Link
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