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Scorpio Signature Star Child: Solal Samuel Glenn

Solal Samuel Glenn, second son of actress Melissa George (Dark City, The Good Wife) and partner Jean-David Blanc, is our Scorpio Signature Star Child! Solal was born on November 3rd, 2015 in Paris and joins his older brother, Raphaël, born just last year.

Solal will be developing intense powers of observations from an early age, with three planets--Venus, Mars, and Jupiter--in detail-oriented Virgo and both Mercury (planets of the mind) and the Sun (planet of identity) in shrewd, intuitive Scorpio. He'll pick up hidden signals more easily than most and won't be easy to fool; it'll be like he has a built in lie-detector! 

Scorpio children prefer honesty and straight-forwardness for this reason--they become frustrated when they get mixed messages between verbal and non-verbal sources. They can sense when there's more to the story and can be mistrustful when they aren't let in on the secrets they know are just out of reach.

More about Scorpio from his Kiddiegram:

Sun in Scorpio:

     Solal Samuel Glenn is a child of powerful feelings, emotional extremes, and great sensitivity and depth, sometimes marked by a rather quiet demeanor. At heart he is a very private, even secretive, soul, and his need for a room of his own, or a hideaway in the backyard, or some other personal, unassailable place where he can be alone at times, is quite strong. He may well be sociable and friendly enough, but he likes to be the one in control of when, and with whom, he shares himself. He is much more inclined to have a few very close friends than to have a wide circle of playmates. He is often slow to open himself up to a new person, but the bonds of attachment and loyalty are quite strong once he has made a friend; and if a playmate moves away, you might be surprised at the depth of hurt and sadness he feels. Logical explanations and reassurances will do little to comfort him. He simply has to go through his period of grief or anger or whatever his reaction is, until it is finished. His feelings tend to run hot or cold - he loves you or he hates you (sometimes both!), with equal fervor. There is a rather dramatic emotional side to him, and it may seem that he exaggerates his feelings. He is rarely lukewarm.

     Solal Samuel Glenn has a gift for reading the unspoken motives and feelings of other people which is often uncanny, and it makes him less inclined to believe superficial appearances or simple, pat answers to his often penetrating questions. Especially if he feels that you are hiding something or do not want to deal with a particular topic, he will dig and probe and will not let it alone until his desire to know what is REALLY going on is satisfied. In fact, difficult or taboo subjects seem to especially fascinate him, so be prepared to give some simple but honest answers to his questions about complex relationships, sex, death, and so on. The study of the cycles of birth, development, and death found in nature would be very interesting to him. He has a particularly strong affinity for animals and would cherish a pet.

     Solal Samuel Glenn is very persistent and strong-willed and capable of great concentration. You are unlikely to be able to change him or redirect his attention very easily. But this capacity for focus and wholehearted involvement is his gift and will enable him to achieve a great deal when he is older.

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"MelissaGeorgeJun09" by Porter Hovey. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.
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