Wednesday, October 21, 2015

September CeleBaby RoundUp Featuring Josey Hollis Dorsey

Naya Rivera (Glee) and her husband Ryan Dorsey (Justified) welcomed their first child at 8:31 am on September 17th in Los Angeles, a Virgo son they named Josey Hollis.

A natal chart can be understood in many layers, not just by the position of the planets in the signs and houses or their connections to each other through aspects, but also in the overall pattern that is made by the layout of the planets around the natal chart 'wheel'.

Josey has a chart pattern called the "splash" pattern, which is somewhat uncommon. Because the Sun, Mercury, and Venus are usually not very far apart from each other in the sky from our viewpoint on earth, they are usually grouped close together in the natal chart, often in the same sign and/or house. When they are in positions in their orbits where they are farther away from each other, a splash pattern may be more likely if the rest of the planets are also spread out among the signs of the zodiac, rather than clustered.

Someone with a splash pattern is known for their diverse personality and interests, which can allow them to pursue and develop a variety of different skills and enjoy a versatile personality but can also leave them vulnerable to approaching life in a scattered way with no clear focus. 

Josey will probably enjoy trying a lot of different activities as he grows up, often leaving one behind for the next interest but picking up a lot of experience along the way. Although indecision may frequently plague him with both Mercury and his Ascendant in the balanced sign of Libra, his strong-willed moon in Scorpio, Sun in discerning Virgo, and two planets in passionate Leo can help him focus when his heart is engaged.

Mlle. Kiddie offers congratulations to the other Hollywood moms and dads who welcomed new babies in September!
  • Carey Mulligan (The Great Gatsby, Suffragette) and husband Marcus Mumford (Mumford & Sons) welcomed their first baby, a Virgo girl named Evelyn, in mid-September. No further details have been released.
"Naya Rivera by Jiyang Chen" by Jiyang Chen - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.
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