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Libra Signature Star Child: Harper and Finley Presley

Gemini may be the sign of the twins but Mlle. Kiddie is celebrating twins during the celestial month of the dualistic sign Libra. Fraternal twin girls Harper Vivienne Ann and Finley Aaron Love, daughters of Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood, are Kiddiegram's featured Libra Signature Star Children!

Libra is a sign famously known for it's fair-mindedness, which they come by because of their ability to see both sides of an issue. It's this same trait that makes them prone to indecision, but Harper and Finley have a few astrological aces up their sleeves. Their Mars in Scorpio indicates their ability to summon an intense drive when it comes to pursuing their passions, and Venus in Scorpio reveals that it's not often they're ambiguous when it comes to what they desire: person, place, or thing! Their Moon and Jupiter are also conjunct in focused Capricorn, illustrating their innate ability to see and act on the potential in any situation, especially the more independent and self-initiating they become.

Much of their focus may be turned inward, on their own intellectual, emotional, or spiritual pursuits, with both the Sun and Moon in the private 8th and 12th houses, respectively. They may also become more introverted as they become adults, even with their famous heritage. More on these houses from their Kiddiegram:

Sun in 8th house:
     Even as young children, Harper and Finley Presley will be intrigued by things which are mysterious, hidden, or "taboo," and may make embarrassing or awkward inquiries about people's sex lives, finances, and other private matters--including beliefs about death and the possibility of an afterlife.  If they are raised in a home where such probing curiosity is unwelcome, they'll probably become secretive; even in a fairly open and communicative atmosphere, they may keep a lot to themselves.
Moon in 12th house:
     Harper and Finley are mystical, sensitive souls who may have unusual dreams or psychic gifts. They feel undercurrents, hear the unspoken feelings and wishes of those around them, and "soak up" the emotional atmosphere. If they're unhappy "for no reason," they may be sensing someone else's turmoil or sadness. Their need for periods of solitude and quiet must be honored, because they need this time to recharge and regroup.

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"Lisa Marie Presley at car race". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.
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