Friday, February 01, 2013

January CeleBaby RoundUp

Shakira in 2012
Performer Shakira is a new mom to baby boy Milan, who was born in Barcelona on January 22nd. Milan looks like he is going to be a lot of fun. The union of the Moon and expansive Jupiter in his chart reveal that he will have the open and generous heart of a child even when he is an old man. 

He will also have the curiosity of a child throughout his life. Communication, learning, and observing will be some of his favorite pastimes due to a number of factors in his chart. The Sun in intellectual Aquarius is tied to Mercury, the planet of communication and thought, indicating that a prominent trait that lies at the very center of who he is (Sun) is what he knows and what he wants to find out (Mercury). This is echoed in his Moon/Jupiter connection in the communicative sign of Gemini, in the 3rd house of communication, observation, and learning (there seems to be a theme here, yes!)

He will probably enjoy school for what he can learn but may not enjoy having to follow the rules or the structure of conventionally-organized school programs. He needs a lot of wiggle room to go at his own pace and do things his way, especially with independent Uranus in the sign of "let-me-do-it-by-myself" Aries! He'll also probably have a riotous sense of humor as Jupiter lends its joviality to his already witty Gemini moon. He'll be quick with the jokes and probably keep his parents laughing from an early age.

Mlle. Kiddie also sends happy wishes to these celebrities who welcomed babies in January:
  • Elijah Joseph Daniel, Capricorn baby boy, born January 11. Second child for Elton John & David Furnish. 

Image of  Shakira is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Credit: Georges Biard.

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