Friday, March 02, 2012

And Baby Makes Three For the Afflecks

Capricorn Seraphina and Sagittarius Violet Affleck now have something new in common: they are both big sisters! Samuel Garner was born at an undisclosed time on February 27th, according to Ben's announcement on his Facebook page. A noon chart has been cast.

 Even without knowledge of the time, it's certain that Samuel's chart boasts a Taurus Moon, as it was in Taurus all day long. The Moon sign is typically the most important sign to consider when considering a baby's chart, as they communicate on simple, emotional, and instinctual terms when they are so young. A baby's Moon sign also reveals what they need to feel safe and nurtured. While everyone baby needs routine, a Taurus Moon thrives on it. Samuel will appreciate a regular, but not necessarily rigid schedule.

Taurus Moon babies tend to be rather sweet and laid back, happy as a clam as long as they're well fed and rested, which tends to be easy to do as they're not typically fussy or picky. This should be a great fit for the third baby of a busy family! He'll be happy to be along for the ride, just hanging out. 

Taurus can be quite a gentle sign, and with a sweet-hearted Pisces Sun in addition, he'll be fawned over, that's for sure!

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