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Signature Gemini Star Child: Shiloh Jolie-Pitt & Kingston Rossdale

Since Gemini is the sign of the twins, Mlle. Kiddie is delighted to make Shiloh Jolie-Pitt AND Kingston Rossdale the featured Gemini "Star Children" and is sharing Shiloh's entire Kiddiegram with you. The Kiddiegram reports are the heart and soul of Kiddiegram, because they were created out of a desire to help you understand and nurture your precious one. A Kiddiegram is truly a "user's manual!"

"Your Kiddiegram ... simply without being simplistic got to the heart of the matter in clear, layman's direct language. The parents were thrilled, here was a reading they could understand which led them to a new understanding of their child."
Since Shiloh and Kingston were born so close together, their charts have much in common, although, unlike actual twins, they were probably born at different times of day, so while their planets will be in the same signs, they will probably have different Ascendants (also known as the Rising sign), since a different signs 'rises' as a day progresses.

Shiloh and Kingston were not only born while the Sun was in Gemini, but Mercury was in the sign of Gemini as well. Mercury is the planet of thinking, learning, and communication, and it naturally rules Gemini, which means Mercury loves to be in Gemini, the sign of thinking, learning, and communication. Mercury in Gemini children usually have a quick and curious mind, able to pick up on things rapidly and move on to the next thing in a blink of an eye. They can sometimes have such rapid thought processes that they can jump from topic to topic in their mind faster than those listening can keep up!

This might be especially true for Shiloh and Kingston, as both of them have Mercury in a square (a challenging relationship) with the planet Uranus. Uranus accelerates the quickness of Mercury in Gemini to the extent that not only is it challenging to keep up with their thought processes, but they might actually have a hard time slowing themselves down enough as well!

Occasionally this can bring challenges in learning, because the child thinks so rapidly that they can't slow down, connect dots, and demonstrate how they know what they know--even sometimes skipping over information when they're reading instructions. On the plus side, Uranus connections with Mercury emphasize rapid insight; instead of connecting the dots one by one, they can understand abstract and complex ideas easily, and seem to have a strong, intuitive sense of knowing.

From Shiloh and Kingston's Kiddiegrams:
Mercury square Uranus (Strength: 2.99)
Shiloh (and Kingston) have an inventive, creative, original way of thinking and are apt to be suddenly inspired with a new idea or way of understanding a problem. They are likely to come up with unusual solutions to problems, but their mind works in an intuitive, non-linear way, and they cannot always give a logical explanation for their ideas.

They are often bored and restless in a conventional, highly predictable, structured learning environment. Hastiness or nervousness can be a problem at times.

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Since a time of birth is not known for Kingston, a noon chart has been created for him, which will tell us where his planets are in the signs, but not the houses, therefore a full Kiddiegram report has not been shared.
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