Thursday, May 05, 2011

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon See Double

Mariah Carey will be getting double the Mother's Day love today, just over a week after giving birth to twins on her 3rd wedding anniversary! On April 30th, Taurus twins Monroe and Moroccan, daughter and son, respectively, arrived on the scene. Nick and Mariah renewed their vows in the hospital.

The twins arrived around 9:07 am, which gives them a Gemini Ascendant, the sign of the twins. But the bulk of their planets all lie in Aries: Uranus, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter all line up across their 10th and 11th houses. Aries is all about learning initiative and to take leaps to go after what one wants. Aries is learning not to be shy or hesitant, but to allow themselves to boldly and unapologetically be a force in the world. That goes double, at least, for these twins, with that many planets in this sign.

The 10th and 11th houses represent the public arena of our lives, ranging anywhere from our chosen career, to fame, to being involved in groups or causes, to simply finding our destiny 'out there in the world'. Most striking is the tight Venus and Moon conjunction in their 10th house. Venus is a planet of creativity as well as the planet of relating, and having the goddess of love and beauty here reveals a likelihood of these two being very charming, and able to use their grace and talents to charm others, possibly even making a career out of the arts as mom and dad have done, especially since it lies rather close to Mercury, the planet of the mind and voice.

Also striking is their Mars and Jupiter conjunction. Mars is quite comfortable in Aries and ready to shoot off into the stratosphere, especially with Jupiter adding it's 'bigness' to the mix. These two will be able to accomplish whatever they dream, with the Mars initiative and Jupiter's desire to aim high.

As children in the meantime, Mariah and Nick can expect to have their hands very full! These children will have an overload of energy and endless curiosity, so their ability to get themselves quickly into trouble will probably surprise them. Congratulations to the happy family!
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