Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ignatius Martin Upton: Where's That Moon?

This is a followup post to yesterday's Christmas post about Cate Blanchett
Ignatius Martin Upton, Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton's Third Suprise Son was born April 13, 2008 in Sydney. His Kiddie Star Sign Chart Wheel shows that he has a Sun, Mercury and Venus in the sign of Aries.

Mademoiselle Kiddie of Kiddiegram notes that
Ignatius may have a Moon in the sign of Cancer or Leo and his partial Kiddiegram notes this (as she does not have the precise time of his birth and she is using a solar chart wheel) about a Moon in Cancer placement:

Ignatius has an especially close emotional and psychic tie to his mother, and he feels very strongly whatever his mother is feeling, whether Mother is outwardly expressing herself or not. Ignatius's intuitive perception and sensitivity is very pronounced, particularly to those closest to him. In later life, he is apt to become overly dependent on friends, spouses, or his own children, unless he has had a very warm and solid relationship with his mother.

If Ignatius was born later in the day after the Moon had changed from the sign of Cancer to Leo he will have a different emotional bent: A Moon in Leo child exhibits the following traits:

Warm, sunny, cheerful, and something of a "ham," this child thrives on being the center of attention. He loves having an audience and he is likely to have some boisterous attention-grabbing techniques that are none too subtle, if he feels he is being ignored.

"Notice me! Love me! Tell me I'm wonderful!" may well be the underlying message of much of his behavior. He simply suffers if his specialness, his uniqueness, and his abilities are not noticed and appreciated. If he is given any encouragement at all, he will do his utmost to stand out, to be the best. He has a deep inner sense of nobility and pride and he very much needs respect, as well as the love and affection all children require. (Never ridicule or make fun of him, especially in public.) Given plenty of praise and love, no child will be more devoted, adoring, wholeheartedly loving, and affectionate than he is

Curious about what sign your child's (or your) Moon is in? Check out Kiddiegram's free sun, moon and rising sign report (with brief descriptions of what the sign energies are) on Just click on the icon for free chart wheel! Must have accurate time of birth (am or pm) for chart wheel to be helpful.
As Shakespeare's Henry says to Kate: "A good heart is the Sun and Moon" We don't need to calculate a child's moon or sun sign (sometimes it's just possible to guess from their behaviour) but its fun to know for sure by calculating on line to find out for sure...where's that moon?
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