Monday, December 22, 2008

Bling Bling Babies : and their Glittertown Parents

Cancer Dad Tom Cruise enjoys being photographed with his Aries daughter Suri. He was in the midst of a PR crisis before his Bling Bling Baby! child was born .

Dina Sansing, entertainment director for for US Weekly noted in the 2008 Forbes Hottest Tots article : "But two years and an adorable child later, Tom is gracing magazine covers and blog entries for his relationship with his style-icon daughter. "We're no longer focusing on him jumping on a couch," ....We're looking at him as the doting father."

Suzy Byrne writing for notes:

"Most celebrities accessorize with an expensive handbag or some blinding bling. But others opt for livelier accessories: their kids. Star parents tote their tots everywhere ‑- from movie sets to award shows and even to red carpet premieres"
Clearly, picking up a child at school or shopping at Whole Foods and being snapped by babyrazzi doing things that all parents do-doesn't count...for example this Pix on of Jennifer Garner and daughter Violet isn't a bling moment.

But there is no question that having a baby on one's arm can make the celebrity parent more accessible.(this photo from gossip )In Suri's case she has a Moon in the tenth house, and Mademoiselle Kiddie of Kiddiegram has noted in an earlier post:

"Suri is apt to be in the public eye even while she is still young. It's important for her to know that it's okay to be a kid. She is vulnerable to being pushed by overly ambitious parents"Tom Cruise's Kiddiegram Chart Wheel Suri's Chart Wheel

To see helpful tips on how a Water Sign Dad might best relate to his Fire Sign Child visit Kiddiegram's interactive parent child on-line kiosk: Water Sign (CancerSun Sign) Tom Cruise and FireSign (Aries)Sun Sign Suri

Source of baby bling graphic
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