Wednesday, December 24, 2008

2376th Star of Fame Cate Blanchett: 3 Sons All Suprises

Oscar winning Taurus actress Cate Blanchett notes in a recent interview in People that her three sons with husband playwright Andrew Upton were all suprises. Upton and Blanchett were married on 29 December 1997.

The couple , who run a theater company together in Sydney have three sons : One Sagittarian: Dashiell John Upton (born 3 December 2001 in London) one Taurus : Roman Robert Upton (born 23 April 2005 in London) and one Aries : Ignatius Martin Upton (born 13 April 2008 in Sydney) .

“They’ve all been surprises. We didn’t get married to have children. So when they’ve popped along it’s been ‘whoops!’ but it’s been great.” (

Their Mom's latest film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button opens today.

(Cate Blanchett's chart wheel taken from top
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