Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Aries Kiddie Star Sign Suri A 3 Million Dollar Wardrobe

Little Aries Suri Cruise has a projected three million dollar ( 2 million pounds) wardrobe. Since her
birth she's been on the top toddler
list of celebrity children.

With her Moon conjunct Pluto
in the tenth house Mlle Kiddie is not surprised she is in the public eye.

The little fashionista is even followed in a fun celebrity Suri Cruise Fashion Blog which have lots of pictures of her and sources of some of her outfits.

Her superstar parents have the money to indulge their Aries daughter (who a source noted doesn't like to wear the same outfit
twice with designer duds) , and family friends even get into the act. Victoria Beckham reportedly asked high end designer Robert Cavalli to make a commissioned dress for Suri. Make sense to Mlle K, she has all those Beckham boys! whats a girl to do?

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