Monday, September 14, 2009

Gemini Colin Farell A Second Child

Gemini star Colin Farrell and his Polish girlfriend actress Alicja Bachleda are expecting their first child together. The Irish actor announced the news in Toronto Saturday night at the Toronto Film Festival. The announcement came on his son's sixth birthday.

Farrell has a son James James with model Kim Bordendave. A devoted father, Farell has a Moon in Cancer.

James, who was born September 12, 2003 was diagnosed with Angelton syndrome a form of cerebral palsy before his first birthday.

Farell who had been involved with the Special Olympics in Ireland bef
ore his child was born came out with the story of his son's rare condition publicly when James was four to inspire and to help parents with special needs children feel supported.

Alicja was born May 12, 1983 in Mexico. The Taurus beauty has a stellium in Taurus, Sun, Mercury and Mars. Her Moon is in Taurus or Gemini.

Mlle Kiddie guesses that it's in Gemini as this is a common link between romantic partners (a Sun Moon connection) and Farell has a Sun in the sign of Gemini.

The parents to be are co-stars in an upcoming movie Ondine. In it
a fisherman on the west coast of Ireland pulls up a woman in his
net. Theories abound about the girl who transforms the lives of
those around her. Is she a mermaid?
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