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Taurus Signature Star Child: Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, second child of Prince William and Catherine "Kate,"
is our Taurus Signature Star Child!

Second-Time Parents, William and Kate
In the chart of someone well-known, planets in the 10th house can be especially significant as they often indicate the nature of what the person is likely to be well-known for. Aside from being royalty, of course, Charlotte may become well-known for her kindness and empathy with Neptune in compassionate Pisces in the 10th house. Charlotte's grandmother, Princess Diana, also had Neptune in the 10th house and was well-known for her charity work. 

Although Charlotte's life will probably be quite public in many respects, those who know her well may find that she tends to be private, with a focus on her inner life, with three planets in her 12th house. This is also not unlike her grandmother, who had three planets in the hidden 8th house and the Sun in the sometimes shy sign of Cancer. Princess Charlotte has Cancer Rising, which may accentuate the private side to her personality but have her comfortably and joyfully giving to others. 

Cancer is also a very loving and caring sign, inclined toward protectiveness and nurturing of others. Princess Charlotte's Cancer Ascendant is in a comfortable trine with that public Neptune, just as Princess Diana's 10th house Neptune was trine her own Cancer Sun.

Princess Charlotte will certainly not be a stranger to being in the spotlight and will likely fare just fine in doing so with her Sun in the public 11th house. She'll certainly make her own unique mark on the world with Uranus, the planet of individuality, in this house as well. More on that from her Kiddiegram:

Sun in 11th house:
     Charlotte's social world and friendships are extremely important to her.  She shines in groups and in cooperative endeavors. Teams, clubs, and other groups which she and her peers can join are her cup of tea.

Uranus in 11th house:
     Charlotte Elizabeth Diana's collection of friends is apt to be lively, unusual, and varied because she enjoys mixing incongruous elements and experimenting socially.  Even if she appears conservative or "mainstream" herself,  she is drawn to others who are not.  Tolerance for differences, acceptance of extremes, and investigating socail customs and cultures quite divergent from her own is important to her.  Prejudice and social inequalities rankle her.

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