Saturday, December 10, 2011

Jolie-Pitt Kids: Astro Round-up

It's time for another Jolie-Pitt family round up! Mom Angelina Jolie is interviewed for the January issue of Marie Claire magazine, and offers tidbits about how her kids are growing:

On 3-year-old Knox: “Knox is very much a dude. Very physical, tough. He loves dinosaurs and swords."
On 3-year-old Vivienne: “She is so elegant and delicate. Vivi will pick flowers from the garden and put them in her hair. She likes to get her nails done and collects stuffed animals. It’s funny for me to have to buy all things pink and watch princess movies!”

Looks like the twins might be playing out the classic astrological theory about twins: owning and emphasizing different parts of their charts in order to establish individuality. Vivi, the sweetness of Venus in Cancer, and Knox, the exuberance of Sagittarius Rising. They share a Leo south node, which has been called a sign of royalty, so maybe it's as simple as the little prince and princess!

On 5-year-old Shiloh: “It’s very funny to watch Brad try to teach Shiloh [to ride quads] because she doesn’t want to listen. She doesn’t want Dad to sit on the back. She doesn’t want to learn about the brakes. She just wants to go!… it’s the combination of the two of us.”

Mlle. Kiddie wonders if Shiloh's reported time of birth isn't just slightly off. If she was born even one minute later, she'd have Aries Rising, attributing to the go-get-em, 'boyish' attitude and style she's known for. Aries Rising definitely wants to go go go! One doesn't have to look far, though, to see that her double Gemini (Sun and Moon) can have her fascinated, curious, and eager for new experiences, not wanting to put on the brakes.

On 6-year-old Zahara
: “She has found her thing [horseback riding].”

Mlle. Kiddie loves the poetry of a girl with 5 planets in Sagittarius, the centaur (half human, half horse) would love horses! Of course, many girls have a strong love of horses, but with the Moon and Mars in this sign, it's more than love, it's the freedom to run that probably sets her on fire!

On 8-year-old Pax
: “He is extremely wild, but he has a very, very good heart. You know, like those punk rockers – when you really get to know them and they are just pussycats. But at the same time, he is going to get in some kind of trouble.”

Pax's south node is in Scorpio, a sign known for its intensity and extremes. With his Mars in Pisces, he definitely has a soft spot for the underdog and a hint of Pisces poetry. Like his older brother Maddox, he has an Aquarius Moon, so he'll be learning appropriate detachment to ease some of the emotional turbulence through his adult years.

On 10-year-old Maddox
: “I’ll be doing something and I’ll be frustrated, and he’ll hold my hand and say, ‘Are you feeling tired? Is that why you’re upset?’ Yeah, he really does take care of me.”

As the eldest child, and a Capricorn south node to boot, Maddox is definitely going to be the responsible type, taking on adult burdens and grown-up worries all too easily. That Leo sun will help him learn that it's important for him to express and receive for himself as well.

Image of Brad and Angie licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Credit: Georges Biard
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