Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jayden & Sean Getting a New StepDaddy

Britney Spears announced her engagement to Jason Trawick this week, who she's been dating steadily since 2009. Already a stepdad-in-training, looks like they'll be making it official! Britney's ex-husband, Kevin Federline, has said that "the kids speak highly of him."

It's common to find the charts of parents and children reflecting each other, with a lot of similarities or dynamic opposites. Mom's sun is the same as baby's moon. Dad's moon is the same as baby's ascendant, and so on. Stepdad-to-be Jason seems to have that connection already reflected in the astrological connections he shares with Britney's sons, Sean, and Jayden.

Jason, who just celebrated his 40th birthday, has a Sagittarius sun (just like mom Britney), along with three other planets including jovial Jupiter, so not only is he probably going to be a fun stepdad, but he'll have that in common with his stepson Sean, who has Sagittarius rising. This connection is made even stronger because Jason's Sun lies practically on top of Sean's ascendant, with Jupiter close by. Jason will probably have a strong influence on Sean's outlook and approach to life, and can really be an exceptional source of encouragement, teaching him to leap into life and trust himself. Sean's Aquarius Moon (which he shares with mom Britney) lies right on to of Jason's north node, which represents a point where we have the most to grow. Looks like Sean might have a thing or two to teach Jason as well!

Jason and stepson-to-be Jayden also share a connection to Jayden's Cancer ascendant, through Jason's Cancer moon. Jayden may tend to have a more serious personality, and while Jason has a wealth of Sagittarian silliness and playfulness, he also has a very tender heart which can create a strong emotional bond between the two of them. Cancer moon people can be very loyal and protective, a dedication Jayden can appreciate.

Congrats to the Spears/Trawick family!
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