Sunday, August 07, 2011

Spice Babies!

Emma Bunton, otherwise known as "Baby Spice," has a little Leo boy celebrating his 4th birthday this Wednesday, Beau.

With his accomodating Libra Ascendant, Beau can probably share the spotlight happily with his new baby brother, Tate, but his 4 planets in Leo reveal he'll probably be quite pleased to have an occasion where he gets to shine! Beau is sure a cutie. Check out this pic of he and his daddy, Jade Jones, at the Kung Fu Panda 2 premiere.

Happy Birthday, Beau! Here's a Spice Baby roundup to mark the occasion:

Geri Halliwell (middle), known as "Ginger Spice" has a 5-year-old Taurus girl named Bluebell Madonna.

Melanie Chisholm, a.k.a. "Sporty Spice" (left) has Pisces baby girl Scarlett, now 2-1/2.

Melanie Brown, called "Scary Spice" (second from right) has two daughters and another one on the way this month: 12-year-old Pisces Phoenix Chi and Aries Angel Iris, 4 years old.

It's two babies for "Baby Spice" Emma Bunton: (right) Leo Beau, almost 4 years old, and Taurus Tate, just 3 months old!

Victoria Beckham, "Posh Spice" (second from left), just welcomed new baby girl, Cancer Harper Seven, who has three older brothers: Pisces Brooklyn Joseph, Virgo Romeo James, and Pisces Cruz David.

And the Pisces' have it! Four of them in this "Spice"-y family: Scarlett, Phoenix, Brooklyn, and Cruz.

Image of Spice Girls is in Public Domain
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