Monday, December 13, 2010

Yes, Valentina, There IS a Santa Claus!

Valentina Pinault participates in a long-time tradition and sits on Santa's lap while mom Salma snaps a pic. What does Mlle. Kiddie think she might have told Santa she wants for the holidays?

With the multitude of earthy focus in Valentina's chart, such as a Virgo Sun, a Capricorn Moon and even grounded Saturn riding on her South Node, we might imagine practical gifts pleasing this gal. But appointment books and drawer organizers probably won't excite a 3-year-old! Keeping it practical for a 3 year old would probably mean a focus on hands-on toys, like building blocks or Play-doh.

The Sun and Moon sign can tell you a lot about a child's interests, but planets traditionally known for what they can tell you about joy, pleasure, and what we want, we look to Jupiter and Venus. In Valentina's chart, they are both in the fire signs Sagittarius and Leo, respectively. Fire signs are more about active, demonstrative and imaginative play, so Valentina might have asked Santa for something like a dress-up trunk of clothes, an adventure/explorer's kit, or active games like Twister or even a jump-rope.

Mlle. Kiddie has the feeling, though, that whatever she whispered in Santa's ear had little to do with what she wants for the holidays, and more like "who are you, really?" because as we found out earlier this year, Valentina doesn't actually believe in Santa Claus!
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