Sunday, February 26, 2017

Lovely Luna Legend in LaLa Land

Luna Simone Stephens Legend is the Aries daughter of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.

Her Dad will perform the LaLa Land songs tonight at the Oscars. Lord Kiddie of Planet Kiddie has written of her in a post entitled Luna in LaLa Land.

Mlle Kiddie has done a partial Kiddiegram for Luna, based on her date of birth. This guesstimate chart wheel is calculated for a birth in LaLa Land.

Her Kiddiegram reports that Jupiter, the planet of luck figures prominently in her planetary aspects, in fact her two  strongest aspects involve Jupiter.

   JUPITER in the birth chart reveals the child's future aspirations, and how she seeks to grow and improve herself.  It also indicates areas of natural confidence, success, or "luck."

Jupiter in Virgo

    Luna is spontaneously and generously helpful.  She sincerely enjoys serving others, assisting the teacher, or being Mom or Dad's faithful helper.  And while she certainly appreciates praise for a job well done, she feels the greatest satisfaction in doing the job.  She's also clearly aware of her need for improvement and generally accepts criticism quite willingly.  In fact, she frequently turns away from compliments or applause. She has an appealing natural humility.

    Sometimes other children may see her as "too good," and truth be told, Luna can be a bit too exacting, sometimes even a bit preachy, about following the rules.

Mercury trine Jupiter  

    Luna is broad-minded and has an interest in philosophy, social studies, religion, or other subjects that give her an overview or an overall, long-range perspective. A strong interest in foreign cultures and expanding her knowledge will inspire her to travel.

Jupiter square Saturn  

    Optimism and pessimism, or belief and doubt, are often at odds within Luna. This may mean that she will hopefully, enthusiastically start something, but be easily disheartened by any resistance or criticism that she receives. A constructive relationship with a positive role model would be especially beneficial to her, as would a caring parent or teacher who encourages her to stay with her original plan, and remain with her so that she can withstand others' criticism and doubts.
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