Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Aries Signature Star Child: Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies

Theodore, second child and new baby boy of actress Rachel Leigh Cook (She's All That) and actor Daniel Gillies (The Vampire Diaries), is our Aries Signature Star Child!

Theodore has three planets and his south node in the bold sign of Aries, each with a double dose of strength placed in the first house. Children with a strong Aries influence tend to charge headlong into life, seemingly ready for anything but sometimes getting in over their head!  It may not be long before little Theo is climbing on the furniture and more daredevil stunts. However, Mars is nearby in sensible Taurus, which may make him think twice before taking his leaps. It may be in mental rather than physical development where impatient Aries makes itself known through Theo--Mercury, the planet of communication, is close to the south node in impatient Aries, making Theo likely to be an early and vocal talker.

If his birth time is accurate,* Theo has Neptune resting near his Pisces Ascendant, two influences that will soften Arien brashness a bit. As he grows and socializes, Theo will become more and more sensitive and intuitive, picking up easily on the hidden emotional undercurrents of social situations and the moods of others.

More from Theodore's Kiddiegram:
Pisces Ascendant:
Theodore Vigo Sullivan G is also very sensitive and perceptive about people, intuitively sensing what is going on inside of them. He is a good listener, receptive, accepting, and nonjudgmental.
     This child is quite sensitive to criticism, and what may seem like fair, firm discipline to you may hurt his feelings for more than you realize or intend. He needs a lot of kindness and understanding love!
     Sometimes he is rather vague and daydreamy, off in his own private fantasy world. He seems to need to go off by himself sometimes, without too many demands or intrusions from the outside. He is a lover of peace, nature, and beauty.

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*Theodore's birth time has been reported to the public as 5:00 am. Although anyone can be born right on the hour, his birth time may have been rounded off or approximated.
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