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Pisces Signature Star Child: Isaiah Michael Fisher

Singer Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher are new parents to baby boy Isaiah Michael, our Pisces Signature Star Child!

Carrie Underwood
This little one was born under the sign of gentle and imaginative Pisces. Pisces children are kind and typically friendly, although quite tender and therefore easily hurt. Neptune lies close to Isaiah's sun, a combination that can intensify these qualities. His sensitivity and natural empathy may be amplified enough to make him especially perceptive to the changing emotional landscape within and also around him. He may pick up on mood changes and emotional undertones from his family easily and early on. He may tend to yield to others' desires and expectations of him out of a desire to avoid conflict and from being so in tune to others' needs and emotions.

His Venus and Mars placed in fiery Aries tell quite a different story. With the planet of relationship (Venus) and the planet of action (Mars) teamed up in active and outgoing Aries, he'll likely make friends easily and tend toward directness--you'll never wonder where you stand with him!

The thing these symbols have in common is their openness and willingness to explore the world, without hesitation or cynicism. He may even be quite impulsive sometimes, but a friendly trine from Saturn may help him learn to be more careful and deliberate as he grows.

Isaiah will be an out-of-the-box thinker. Mercury is placed in objective and individualistic Aquarius, and is aligned with Uranus which inclines him toward sometimes erratic but-genius thinking, and Jupiter, prompting him to always think on a big scale. More on this combination from his Kiddiegram:

 MERCURY represents thinking and reasoning processes, the way your child's mind works, his intellectual inclinations and way of communicating ideas.
 Mercury in Aquarius:
     Forward-looking and progressive in his thinking, Isaiah is interested in the latest scientific discoveries, new technologies, and the most daring, original, and experimental ideas in any area he studies. He also has an idealistic frame of mind, and is likely to be stubbornly opinionated on many topics. 
Mercury Opposition Jupiter:
     Isaiah thinks in terms of overall patterns and how many parts fit together to form a whole. Focusing on specifics and the technical aspects of a subject is not of much interest to him, and he can be sloppy or haphazard when it comes to details. Also, he tends to be overly optimistic or grandiose when he is planning something in his head, only to find that the concrete implementation of his idea is much more difficult than he believed.
Mercury Sextile Uranus:
     Isaiah is a free-thinker and is interested in new ideas, new technologies, scientific discoveries, and the most daring or radically new theories. He grasps new concepts quickly, but he is inclined to change his mind suddenly or to get bored and suddenly drop a subject.

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"Carrie Underwood 2, 2012" by DephisticateUploaded by MyCanon - Carrie Underwood. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
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