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Scorpio Signature Star Child: Fraternal Twins Zoe Grace & Thomas Boone Quaid

Fraternal Twins Zoe Grace & Thomas Boone, daughter and son of Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Buffington are our featured Scorpio Signature Star Children!

(Because they are fraternal twins born within two minutes of each other, Thomas and Zoe's natal chart will look effectively identical)

Thomas and Zoe were born just before the new moon, with both the Sun and Moon in intense Scorpio, doubling their thirst to experience life deeply, always wanting to dig down to the truth, and never letting anything get in their way! Scorpio's ability to focus with razor sharpness on an idea can give them a tendency to stick stubbornly to fixed ideas, but with planet-of-the-mind Mercury in balanced Libra, they will develop the ability to see things from multiple perspectives. With three important planets in the eleventh house of the public, they may grow up to be in the spotlight like dad, although perhaps not right on center stage since Scorpios like their privacy.

Zoe and Thomas were also born with Sagittarius Rising, the sign of the seeker and explorer. With Jupiter and Pluto so close together, also in Sagittarius, they will develop strong convictions early on and maintain that questing attitude all their lives. Whatever sparks the twins' passion will be a constant fuel for their never-ending energy.

More from Thomas and Zoe's Kiddiegram:

Jupiter in 1st house:

     Zoe & Thomas Quaid tend to be fortunate because of the positive first impression they make on both other children and adults. Instinctively they put their best foot forward, and come across as confident, open people who can afford to be generous to others. They will want to participate in a lot of extracurricular activities, and be well known and popular at school and in the community.  They could be "big fish in a small pond," too.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto:

     Zoe & Thomas Quaid have very strong ambitions and aspirations, though they may be disinclined to divulge the nature or the extent of them.  They achieve almost magical results when they make a decision and direct their will.  They don't avoid difficult experiences either, but actually seek them out to learn and grow from. Their powers of recuperation and regeneration are excellent also.

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