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Gemini Signature Star Child: Henry Daniel Moder!

Almost 7-year-old Henry Daniel Moder, son of Danny Moder and actress Julia Roberts, is our Gemini Signature Star child.
Like any Gemini Sun, Henry has a love of learning, and with a Virgo south node in the hard-working sixth house, he may excel at learning in a traditional schooling format. He may excel at subjects like history with his Mercury in Cancer with Cancer's love of the past. However, he may prefer more experimental methods to test the world around him than just reading it from books. His Mars in Aries and Aries rising indicate that he's learning to approach the world with less caution and more courage.

One of the most striking things about his chart is his Moon-Venus connection in the sign of dramatic Leo and in Leo's own house. He's playful and loving at heart, and will want to express this in all kinds of creative outlets. although with inhibiting Saturn in the same spot, he may struggle with insecurity as he dares to offer his gifts. He may even be into the performance arts like his mom! 

More on this from his Kiddiegram:

Venus in the Fifth House

     If Henry shows any inclination toward art or creative expression, he should be encouraged to develop his gifts in these areas.  He also enjoys activities that require style, grace, and beauty, (e.g., figure skating or dancing). He may, however, prefer recreations that are less strenuous.
Moon conjunct Venus
     Henry has a very loving, sweet disposition, and he needs a lot of affection and sympathetic understanding from his loved ones. He is soft-hearted, nurturing, and protective toward other children, pets, and his family. His relationship with his mother is likely to be especially close. Warm family ties and the shelter of a loving home will always be important to him and he is likely to be the peacemaker in his home.

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