Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cancer Signature Star Child: Quinlin Dempsey Stiller

Ben Stiller
Quinlin, son and second child of Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor, is our Cancer Signature Star Child.

As a Cancer, 6-year-old Quinlin is a sweetie with a big heart, although with Mars in fierce Aries, he may like to act tougher than he sometimes feels. Jupiter and his south node in Libra show he's very concerned about fairness, so he'll probably fight for the little guy if he feels they are being treated poorly or in need of defense.

With Mercury and Venus in expressive Leo, he's also probably the family clown. Although dad is a professional comic actor, Quinlin will like to be downright playful and silly with a budding talent in his ability to get his audience laughing with a hammy joke. With Mercury and Mars in a trine, he's probably got quick mental instincts. He also may have a love of heroic adventure stories with bold Mars in Aries in a comfortable connection with Mercury and Venus in Leo with it's love of the dramatic.

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Mercury Trine Mars:
     Sharp-witted and quick at repartee, Quinlin enjoys lively discussion, debates, or intellectual sparring. He excels at games that require both skill and intelligence.

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Quinlin's exact time of birth is not known so a sunrise chart has been created. No incorrect interpretation has been given as a result.

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