Friday, January 27, 2012

Honor Marie Warren: Tick, Talk, She Doesn't Stop!

In an interview with Extra, Jessica Alba told Mario Lopez that Honor is "talking up a storm and telling us everything and having tons of opinions."

You don't say?! Honor has a Gemini Sun, with Mercury, the planet of communication and Gemini's ruler, right on top of it in a conjunction. This statement from mom reveals plenty about how Honor is growing into her Gemini! Let's check out the average Gemini checklist.

GeminiHonor's activities
Enjoys language and words. Word games, tongue-twisters, word puzzles, and clever one-liners are a favorite pastime"Talking up a storm"
Enjoys observing the world around them, communicating and reporting on the wonder of everything they see. They often muse aloud"Telling everything"
Passing knowledge along is enjoyable, but not half as enjoyable as processing it and adding one's own two cents!"Having tons of opinions"

With that detailed Virgo Ascendant to add to the mix, nothing will get past Honor!
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