Saturday, June 18, 2011

Malia Ann & Sasha Obama: Spotlight on the First Kids

As the United States' celebrates it's upcoming 235th birthday on July 4th, eldest child of First Lady Michelle and President Barack Obama, Malia Ann, will also celebrate her birthday (her 13th birthday, that is!) on the same day. Sister Natasha (Sasha) celebrated her 10th birthday on June 10th. Let's look at the astrology of these summer sisters:

Malia Ann
Natal charts come in all kinds of configurations; some have clusters of planets in only a few signs, and some, like Malia's, are very spread out. When charts are spread out like this, there can be a sense of many different interests and being pulled in many directions. Much is revealed in the connections, or aspects, between planets, to determine whether this is a well-rounded personality or more of a feeling of being always conflicted.

For Malia, she's got a little of both. Many trines can help her focus her desires and talents, such as the trine from Saturn in Taurus to her north node in Virgo, encouraging her to keep tenaciously at something (Taurus) so she can create what she wants in real life, not just to dream it, such as south node in Pisces might be used to. Learning that patience will be helpful to her, as her Mars squaring Jupiter can tend to have her biting off more than she can chew out of enthusiasm and then potentially getting bored or overwhelmed by the reality of what she signed up for!

One thing most striking about Sasha's chart is the conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter in her chart, which suggests an everlasting optimism. Anything conjunct (very close to) the Sun represents something that's deeply ingrained in our sense of who we are. Jupiter represents expansion--wanting to get bigger.

We can do this all sorts of ways and sometimes not as healthy, such as expanding our bodies by eating too much, or expanding our collection of stuff and going into debt, but Jupiter at its best is expanding our hearts, minds, and reach by employing some of Jupiter's gifts: hope, faith, and optimism. Sasha may be unsinkable as even when she's down, her Jupiterian qualities help her see the possibilities. While "Yes We Can" was dad's motto, and not a bad one for Jupiter, "Tomorrow is another day" might be Sasha's motto!

Photo: Obama Family Portrait, is in the Public Domain , used under the terms of Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 105 of the US Code
Birth times for the girls are unknown, so solar charts have been cast
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