Saturday, May 22, 2010

Marcia Cross' Yin/Yang Twins

Marcia Cross' fraternal twins are now three years old, old enough to see their personalities develop and display themselves. Marcia says they're surprisingly different, saying in a recent interview with People:
"...they remind me of a yin and a yang, with how opposite they are … and they fit together so well. They complement each other, but yet they’re so different."

Because the most apparent observation about twins is how alike they are, many people seem to go out of their way to observe just how different they are. You'd never make the assumption that two siblings who were not twins would behave identically, yet with twins there is an awareness of how similar they might be, and as a balance, many people look for clues on how different they actually are. In a recent post, we looked at twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as an example of the differences among the physical similarities in this most famous set of twins. They had a strong Uranus signature, which is a planet of individuality. These twins want to be anything but solely a mirror image of each other.

So on to Eden's and Savannah's chart. If you accept the premise that souls 'choose' their families before birth, one could speculate that there are still many reasons why souls would choose to come in as twins. With so much Pisces in these girls' chart, one might speculate that the intent could be to blur the boundaries between the self and others, to open the souls up. Pisces is a sign that is about the spiritual side of life--not religious, but focuses on matters of the spirit: empathy, compassion, magic, and inspiration. Pisces is about learning the connectedness between people as part of the human family, not the separation, hence the qualities of empathy and compassion being so prevalent among Pisceans. These twins have half the planets in their chart in Pisces.

Eden & Savannah Mahoney's birth chart, no housesBut not so fast! Like the Olsen twins, Eden and Savannah have a strong Uranus signature in their chart. Uranus is conjunct their north node, in Pisces.

Their south node is in the opposite sign, Virgo. The south node reveals what assumptions, beliefs, and habits the soul is leaving behind, or putting into balance, by moving toward the north node traits. With a Virgo south node, the twins will be working toward having more compassion, forgiveness, and love for others, but especially for themselves, since Virgo has a tendency to be self-critical and a perfectionist. Add Uranus in as a primary lesson (conjunct the north node), they are going to be learning how to worry less about doing everything right and being perfect in the eyes of the standards of other people or society in general (Virgo) and more about being a perfect version of themselves.

Mom Marcia is recognizing their individuality early on, like all twins' have, but her ability to embrace and encourage their individuality will be perfect for them, and Marcia's chart shows some specific connections to Eden and Savannah's chart. Marcia's Jupiter lands right on the twins' Sun in Pisces, so she encourages  (Jupiter) them to build their own identity (Sun). Marcia's Mars also lands right on their Uranus in Pisces, so she will almost push them (Mars) into breaking away from the expectations of others (Uranus) and reinforce the need to be themselves. Sounds pretty "perfect"!

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