Saturday, June 13, 2015

May CeleBaby Round Up Featuring McCoy Lee Porter

Scott Porter (Hart of Dixie) and wife Kelsey Mayfield Porter welcomed their first child, a Gemini son named McCoy Lee, on May 23rd, at 4:16 pm in Los Angeles.

This little guy will probably find himself in the spotlight, and in many ways, loving every minute of it. He's got a bright and shiny Moon-Jupiter conjunction in expressive Leo, the sign of the performer (among other outlets), and it's in the 10th house, which represents not only our career, but how we find ourselves contributing to (or being noticed by) the 'world out there'. Clues about our vocation can be found in the 10th house planets and sign(s), so he may just find himself following in his dad's footsteps (and it doesn't hurt to have connections!)

McCoy may be quite the thinker and philosopher as well, with three planets in the sign of Gemini and Venus in the 9th house of philosophy. He'll always approach the world with a heightened sense of curiosity, but not just about what's obvious--he'll also love uncovering secrets and digging into hidden information to solve mysteries. He'll have a great mind for contemplating the 'why' of just about everything, and expressing his opinions in not only a curious and thoughtful way but also a creative and poetic way, with Venus, the planet of creativity, in sensitive and imaginative Cancer. He may have to work to overcome some inherent insecurities in the way he thinks or the way he expresses his opinions, with Saturn in the opposite place of his Sun. Saturn can represent blocks for us to overcome, or inhibitions that only hard work and patience can be temper.

Venus is also primarily our social planet, and he's likely to be quite the charmer with Venus ruling his chart through it's home sign of Libra, which is McCoy's rising sign. The rising sign represents the way our personality comes out in our everyday interactions with others, and with Venus and Libra in the mix, he'll usually know when to flash that smile as well as show a sincere kindness to others.

It seems to be baby boy season in Hollywood! Here's a sampling of babies their happy parents welcomed in May:
  • Claire Coffee (Grimmand her husband Chris Thile welcomed their first child, a Taurus baby boy they named Calvin Eugene, in Portland, Oregon.
  • Casey Wilson (Marry Me) and her husband David Caspe welcomed their first child, a Taurus son, in May. No name and date details have been released.
  • Haylie Duff (Material Girls) and fiance Matt Rosenberg, welcomed their first child, a Taurus baby girl named Ryan Eva, on May 11th in Los Angeles.

  • Mum is the word for Keira Knightley (The Imitation Game, Pirates of the Caribbean) and her husband James Righton, who celebrated the month of their second anniversary with a new baby (May)! No official birth data (name, weight, date, gender) have been released to the public.
  • Chad Michael Murray (Agent Carter) and wife Sarah Roemer welcomed their first child, a Gemini baby boy, on or near May 31st.

"Scott Porter at the premiere of Push" by Fashion photographer Anthony Citrano is licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons
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