Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jerry Seinfeld is Raising "Weird Kids"

Jerry Seinfeld is not only funny and weird, he's encouraging his kids to be funny and weird as well. Jerry said in a recent interview:
"I think it's fun to be funny and I push it on the kids, too."
He tells his kids: "Don't be embarrassed. When you're acting silly, it feels weird, but this is what makes life more fun."

His wife, Jessica, also says: "Weird is good," and understanding that helps their kids appreciate and accept all of the unique people that they meet.

Jerry and Jessica have three kids: Sascha (10), Julian (8), and Shepherd (6). Of all three, Julian will probably appreciate the "weird is good" sentiment the most! Often times, the characteristics or situations that make us stand out or feel weird, are where Uranus or the sign Aquarius shows up in an astrological chart. Uranus represents the way we develop our sense of individuality.

Uranus isn't about confidence, necessarily; confidence often comes from many places, such as the astrological Sun. Uranus is where we learn that we can walk our own path, our own 'road less traveled'. We may feel awkward, we may stand out, we may feel we aren't understood, but it's a strong Uranus that enables us to be free to think outside the box and make up our own rules. The sign Aquarius also reflects these experiences and needs.

Julian not only has the Moon in the sign of Aquarius, but he also has three other planets in Aquarius, including Uranus and Mercury close to the Moon. He'll probably be an innovative thinker, and have some kind of ability to come up with unusual and creative ideas, as well as being a creative problem solver. With these planets in the hidden and personal 8th house, he may keep his thoughts to himself, but he's learning to gain confidence and trust himself with Jupiter, the planet of faith and opportunity, in Leo (confidence, charisma) in his first house (self-expression).

In any case, dad Jerry will be a good example for off-the-wall silliness. With Uranus conjunct his south node, he was born weird!

Image licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. Credit: Alan Light

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