Thursday, September 17, 2009

Libra Mom Jenna Elfman PG in Reel And Real Life

Libra TV star Jenna Elfman announced her pregnancy on this video. The former Dharma and Greg star is starring in a program Accidentally On Purpose which premieres Sept 21st. In it her character a mature movie critic has a one night stand with a twentysomething and becomes pregnant and invites the father to be and his slacker friends to live with her. The plotline of her life and her new series mesh perfectly.

In real life, Elfman is the mother of a little Leo Story Elias born July 23, 2007 with a Moon in the sign of Scorpio. His Uranus in Pisces at 18 degrees 20 seconds is conjunct Elfman's Pisces Ascendant at 19 degrees 49 seconds. She and her husband Bohdi met at a Sprite audition in 1991 and married in 1995.

If you are expecting in this timeline and will be delivering
near Jenna's real birth, send us an email and if your
child is born within a week of the date she delivers,
Mlle Kiddie will have a baby bib (with the correct zodiac
sign for your child) sent out from the Kiddie Cafe

Just email her at Kiddiegram with your due date in advance.

Solar Chart Wheel for Story Elias Elfman Astrotheme Chart Wheel for Jenna Elfman
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