Monday, May 18, 2009

Cancer Kiddie: Surfer Dad Matthew McConaughey

As one can see from this early first photo of Levi McConaughey, his parents are at home on a beach. Levi is a little water baby, born under the summer sun sign of Cancer. Levi at ten months hasn't begun to walk, but his Dad already has a customized surf board designed for him to ride the waves, as soon as he can walk. A source notes:

"He figures if he keeps it up Levi will be ready to ride the waves in a couple of years and eventually earn a living off of it."

Levi's Kiddie Star Wheel and Kiddiegram Star Sign Report.

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Do you have a child born on July 7, 2008? If your child is an astral Kiddie Star twin of Levi (born on the same day on the same year) Lord Kiddie would like to know.

Contact Us and we'll do a Kiddie Star Sign Kiddiegram report or send you a little Cancer Kiddie Tee for your child for the Tee please attach a copy of your child's birth certificate, which of course will stay private and is for confirmation purposes only.
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